Ciao.Welcome in my blog guys.
I'm Italian.I 'm 16.
I'm just another misguided attempt at originality.
For other people I'm weird. I have a different view from the other.
About me there is nothing to say.
There are no words to spend on me, I'm just me,a tiny part of this crazy world.
I know I'm a difficult person. Few people appreciate me.
it needs time to understand me and the others generally don't have time.
  -I prefer the night to the day-
† ✞ BVB ARMY <3 BMTH † ✞
-Love Dark, Goth, Punk, Emo style-
I Love rock, metal, emocore, screamo
I love Anime and Manga * o *
<3 1st september <3
bisexual and gender fluid
"Si narra che l’usignolo amasse la rosa da abbracciarla così tanto che le spine gli trafissero il cuore.”

Oscar Wilde. (via buiomulticolore)